Friday, July 7, 2017

New Computer!

Alright, I'll be honest. I haven't had my own computer for about 3 years now. I haven't been able to post regularly for that amount of time which is why I haven't posted much since. All that is (hopefully) about to change! I finally got a new computer after saving up for a bit and I am going to try to work on getting the blog started back up, at least a little bit.

Lately I feel I have been lacking inspiration for outfits and mix and match ideas. My wardrobe feels blah. I was looking back through old picks just a few weeks ago and wishing I could have some of those ideas back. Well, I can. It just involves me giving some effort towards that thing that I want, so that's what I'll do. Stay tuned.

Also, here is a cute engagement photo for everyone.