Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wine Tasting in Winter

This weekend the family and a few family friends decided to go wine tasting to celebrate us all being together and such for the holidays! It was such a fun adventure. Northern California is chalk full of amazing places and Amador County is where we had our adventure this time. Their wineries are amazing and just starting to break out onto the wine scene to make it big (okay, I may have read that somewhere). Enjoy the view and the nice weather!
View from one of the wineries. Those are the Sierra Nevada mountains in the back...and yes! there is snow!
How to make wine corks from the cork tree.

Shirt: Macy's, (unseen pieces) Skirt: Macys, Tights: Gifts, Shoes: DSW, Necklace: Gift

It is always nice to gt away and out of town even in winter when all you want to do is curl up! I hope you all take adventures in the winter. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to school

Everyone is headed back to school, whether it is primary school, middle school, high school or back to college. For me, it is back to teaching primary school. My new 4th graders are such sweethearts (let's see if I am saying this come January, haha!). I am trying to get back into a school rhythm and get back to taking outfit photos. Soon, dear followers, soon. The first week back is so insane that I can barely manage to write this, let alone think. See you all soon with a new outfit. Wait for me!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Date Night

Summer is in full swing around here. Hot, sunny, a but windy, but clear and beautiful. I love summer nights like those! I had a date night with the boy on Saturday so I wanted to look nice and wear my new skirt. I realize that I can wear a lot of colors with this skirt: red, white, yellow, etc. but there is always something I like about the black. I know it is not the most summery of colors, but I always look nice in black and I always FEEL nice in black. And isn't that an important part of getting dressed? Feeling good? I say Yes! Even if it is hot, hot, hot outside, wear what feels good. My go to is always black. What about you?
 Skirt: Modcloth; Shirt: White House, Black Market; Shoes: DSW
 Normally, I would wear a cute pair of heels to go with this look, but I have a problem with one of my toes, so it's flats for a little while for me!

Luna just has to get on the shots!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dinner with my sister.

Okay, so it is not a whole outfit shot, but I still like this photo. I had dinner with my sister in downtown Reno the other day at a cute little restaurant called Midtown Eats. ( ) They have great food and really unique drinks. It is a great place to stop if you are looking for a place to eat in Reno.

Shirt: White house, Black market; Jeans: New York and Company

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Crazy weather, crazy hair, crazy life.

I have taken a long time to come back to this style blog. I really wanted to keep it going since I lately I have been feeling flat in my sartorial choices. This blog was always a place for me to try things and feel happy about what I put on.

As for my long hiatus, well, the easiest way to explain is to say that life got in the way. I had some medical issues and a few family issues as well, not to mention broken camera issues. Hopefully all of these crazy excuses will stop soon and I can get back to this blog!

My first picture back is not of my wardrobe, but of my dog. World, meet Luna. She is almost 2 years old. She has one blue eye and one brown. She is crazy and wild but I love her.
 Now, for my outfit! Well, it is a bit of a rainy and humid day, very unusual for around here. My hair is a bit frizzy, so I threw it back in a clip with a headband. I went for an easy outfit since I am not up to too much today. I know people say how simple just wearing jeans and a t-shirt it. It is the casual go to outfit for almost everyone it seems. I love the combination as well. I think it is easy to elevate the look with just a few simple accessories, like a cute pair of sandals and a neckless.

 Luna likes to take over the pictures.

Jeans: New York and Company, Shirt: and headband: Target, Heels: DSW, Necklace: Etsy