Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Date Night

Summer is in full swing around here. Hot, sunny, a but windy, but clear and beautiful. I love summer nights like those! I had a date night with the boy on Saturday so I wanted to look nice and wear my new skirt. I realize that I can wear a lot of colors with this skirt: red, white, yellow, etc. but there is always something I like about the black. I know it is not the most summery of colors, but I always look nice in black and I always FEEL nice in black. And isn't that an important part of getting dressed? Feeling good? I say Yes! Even if it is hot, hot, hot outside, wear what feels good. My go to is always black. What about you?
 Skirt: Modcloth; Shirt: White House, Black Market; Shoes: DSW
 Normally, I would wear a cute pair of heels to go with this look, but I have a problem with one of my toes, so it's flats for a little while for me!

Luna just has to get on the shots!

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