Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A weekend hike

I love to be out in nature. I have had a few health problems in the recent past that have made it more difficult for me to do too much activity, but I am finally starting to feel better. Thanks Yoga! My flexibility is almost back. Anyways, our close proximity to the mountains and fair weather recently have lead to some pretty great hiking opportunities. This is one I had been meaning to do for a while. The trail is called Silver Saddle ranch Dead Truck Trail. It leads up to the top of a hill and provides and excellent view of the entire little city I live in. It truly is worth it to hike!
 The view of the ranch while hiking the trail. This was the easy part!
 Twisted winter bush. Though, to be honest, living in a dry climate, they pretty much look like this all year long. Ha.
I had to take a break to get water and empty my shoes.
We found the dead truck the trail was named after. It had clearly been there for a bit. Side note: I really enjoy pieces of history like this. Abandoned pieces of human life. Trucks, buildings, even whole towns. It is so interesting to me to see how people forgot or left these items, so nature took over and has tried to take it back. So neat! 
The boy at the abandoned truck, 
Inside the truck. The dirt and rocks have taken over. 

Finally, the view worth hiking for. This is a view of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Carson Valley area. 
I love snow covered mountains!
Here is the view of our little city from the top of the hill. We did it and got an amazing reward!

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