Thursday, January 15, 2015


Reno, NV has the lovely Truckee River running straight through the downtown area. IT makes it one of the most interesting places in all the city since you can hear the lovely sounds of running water, see the icy waters in winter and see kids and adults splashing in the water in summer. It is a gathering place and a lovely place to sit on a sunny afternoon no matter the season. Although Reno's downtown area may not be the nicest area in the city, it has starting to become a rather new and nifty place. There are new restuarants, plays, concerts and hotels along with activities throughout the year. (i.e. Santa Crawl. Too many people for me, but still a fun event.  Santa Crawl! ).

When I was in college I found myself downtown often. It was a neat place to be with cute coffee shops and a few funky little stores. It is nice to see that it is being revitalized! Plus the city is getting a Tesla Gigafactory which is bringing major jobs to the area. Woohoo!!!!
 The downtown ducks at the river!
 Jeans and top: Loft, Cardigan: Old Navy, Shoes: Target ( a few years ago), Headband: ?

 The Boy took these pictures of me by the river. It was a pretty nice day and we were on the hunt for records. There is a cute little record store right on the river. 
The only sad thing I notice when looking at these pictures is the severe lack of water. I know it may look normal, but with the last few years being so dry the water level is significantly lower than normal. Here is to hoping for snow and rain. We need it!
The Boy hanging out with me!

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