Thursday, August 1, 2013

Remembering favorite clothing

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you wish you still owned, but no longer do? Of course you do! I think that all of us have favorite pieces of clothing we loved from the past that we wish we still owned and had in our wardrobe. Sometimes we lose these pieces because we outgrow them and sometimes we lose them because they are worn out. Sometimes we haven't worn them in so long, we decide to give them away in a cleaning rampage and then wish we had them back. So here is my post to a few previous items I wish were still in my wardrobe!

I loved this skirt! It was an all seasons kind of skirt. It was light and airy for summer but worked well for fall, as seen here. Alas, the elastic ripped out and I couldn't fix it.

I found this dress at a thrift store, and it was clearly homeade and fabulous. It was a throwback and gave me a great shape. It also got holes in it thanks to a puppy. How sad :(

I miss this scarf, which was colorful and light as well as this purple shirt. I haven't found another shirt this color that I've liked in a long time. Sometimes the color pallet just calls for a light purple. The scarf and the shirt were donated when I was cleaning my closet and preparing to move. SInce I hadn't worn either in a while, I decided to donate them.

There are still many items I wished I still owned, but those are a few. What about you readers? Do you have any items of clothing you wished you still had? Let me know!


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