Friday, August 19, 2016

Road Trip Fun

This summer, the boy and I took a road trip to Colorado so that we could go to Rocky Mountain National Park and so that I could show Chris Denver and the surrounding areas. We also were able to hit the Utah and Wyoming state capitals as well, and take a quick stop to visit my grandma in Vegas. It was a great week long trip! We started by heading east towards Wyoming. The first night we stayed in Evanston, just across the Wyoming border. It was a cute little town with a pretty park.
Here is a picture:

The next day we stopped in Cheyenne for a quick view of the capital complex then off the Fort Collins, CO. It was so pretty in Fort Collins and we stopped at the farmers market and truly enjoyed this town. (We also walked around....a lot!)
                                               Downtown Fort Collins

                                                      Dessert at The Chocolate Cafe!                  

Houndstooth Reservoir

Day 3 was off to Denver! I really love Denver and it has such a nice downtown. There is so much to do. However, we arrived in Denver to 100+ degree weather. We went to the aquarium to escape the heat and stayed indoors during the hottest parts of the day.
                                                                Denver Convention Center

                                                        Pretty Lights in Larimer Square.

                                                  Capital Building
                                                                    By the River!
                          At the Aquarium with my new friends, Mr (Mrs?) Piranha.

After Denver it was off to Rocky Mountain National Park for a full day of fun! I will post about that soon and the end of the road trip, plus some road trip tips soon! Enjoy. 

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