Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rocky Mountain National Park

I love visiting our nations National Parks, especially since 2016 is the year that the park system celebrates 100 years! The boy and myself decided our summer road trip would be to Rocky Mountain national park and to Colorado (see previous post for the first part of the trip). Well on day 5 of our trip, we got up early and drove into the mountains to visit RMNP. I had only been here once before for a quick trip, so I was so excited to see the mountains and wild life. It is really magnificent to go from 100 degrees in Denver, to a much chillier 65ish in the mountains and there was snow! SNOW! I love taking a break from the crazy heat.

The views were spectacular, there were waterfalls all down the mountain sides and we got to see elk! The mountains have always been my favorite place to escape to. I grew up around the Sierra Nevada and my family and I were always going on trips up into the mountains. The mountains feel like home to me. There is a lot of quiet reflection to be had up where the air is cooler. I'm such a mountain person and my heart will always belong in the mountains.

I found so much inspiration on my trip, that I can only show you my pictures to explain it, and even those don't do the actually park any justice. So until you can go and see for yourself,hopefully these pictures will be enough!

          Look! This elk has a pretty necklace! I've never seen one this close before. It was so thrilling.

 Isn't he cute?!
                                  I could stare out at the mountains forever!
                                                                 So many wildflowers.

As you can see, we are both supporting the San Francisco Giants, even at 12,000 ft. above sea level.

 A large elk herd.

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