Sunday, July 12, 2015

Inside the caves...under the ground

One of my biggest fears is mines. In Nevada, we have a lot of them, both new and old. This fear stems from my 4th grade field trip. First we learned all about Nevada history, then we watched a video about mines called Stay Out and Stay Alive (may not be the exact video but similar). Let's just say the video scared the heck out of me. The next day after the video our class was going on a field trip to visit a (safe?) mine. I was up all night with nightmares and terrible thoughts about this trip. When our class finally got up to the mine, I refused to go in and sat outside the whole time and to this day I still do not like being underground, mines, or even replicas of mines.

When the boy and I decided to go on our trip to Great Basin, we researched all the amazing things to do and see. One of these things that everyone seemed to recommend was Lehman Caves. It looked neat, but I wasn't sure I was going to be able to go. My fear stopped me. The night before we went I was once again having anxiety about the thought but as an adult I figured I could do this. Plus, caves are not man made like mines are, so there is a little bit more security there. Well, ladies and gents, I did it! I conquered my fear and went in. It was amazing and interesting and such a surreal experience. The pictures I have aren't great but we had to keep moving and I didn't have much time to set up. All I have to say is, conquer your fears. Go out and do something amazing.


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