Thursday, July 9, 2015

Road Trip on The Loneliest Road in America

Highway 50 through Nevada has been called The Loneliest Road in America and was once the route traveled by Pony Express riders through the state to deliver mail (Pony Express History anyone?). It is an empty expanse and lovely salt flats, mountains, and valleys with hardly any towns or other people seen for miles. While most people might find this "lonely" as the the nickname states, I find it beautiful and enchanting, at least to visit. This is where the boy and I began our road trip from Carson City, NV all the way out to Great Basin National Park. Summer road trips are great and can be full of fun and interesting places. Here are a few photos from the road, or The Loneliest Road.

On the road to Great Basin.
Shoes: Teva
An old sign/road marker for the Lincoln Highway.
The Pony Express. Sign in Austin, NV about halfway through our journey.
The lovely open road. So much sky. 
Eureka, NV. Another small town along the way.
More signage marking the Lincoln Highway.
Yay! I survived.

Ward Charcoal Ovens outside Ely, NV. 
Cows on the open range!
Welcome to Ely, NV!

That was the end of Day 1 of our road trip. The next stop was Great Basin NAtional Park, where we camped for a few nights before driving home. Since this post is a bit picture heavy, the next post will be from inside the park. Enjoy!

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