Friday, July 17, 2015

My life lately

Lately I have been working on classroom projects and ideas and creating all kinds of things for my classroom for next year. Who says teachers don't work in the summer? HA! I have been busy all over the internet looking up ideas and such (thanks Pinterest!). Here are some links and such I found this week and been loving.

Picture from my word wall in my classroom. The kids love zombies!

Great finds for the classroom that can be found at the local hardware store!

WHAT!? A crayon sharpener that is not in the back of a crayon box!? Exciting!

I'm thinking of an owl theme classroom for this coming up year. This classroom has some great ideas for how to make it cute and colorful. 

I'm also looking up home ideas on Design Sponge. We just cleaned and donated a bunch of old clothes and household items and now I need some ideas for color and design around the house.

Also while browsing the internet I found these heels and ordered them.

I have been watching Orphan Black in a marathon while working as well. What a crazy show.

We are also thinking about adopting a kitten! I am super excited about this idea. I have been wanting another cat since our family cat passed a few years ago.  How excited am I!

Have a lovely day everyone!

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