Monday, July 27, 2015

Keep rollin'

Lately life has been a whirlwind of adventures. I think it always is, but it just seems especially busy lately.
I'm house sitting this little guy a few days this week. He may look cute but he can bark all day.
I wandered around the state legislature building and found this neat Nevada shaped mirror!

More mirror. Skirt:Target, Shirt:, Shoes:dsw

In other news, I adopted this tiny little ball of fur who is taking up so much of my time. But she's just so adorable. This is Hallow!


Yakelle D said...

That's a pretty cool shaped mirror!
Yakelle |

Lindsey Puls said...

Love the mirror! But I really love the fur baby photos! Congrats on your new family member - so cute! :)


Frannie Pantz said...

Congrats on the kitty! How sweet! And the puppy looks sweet too but the barking would drive me mad! Love that mirror!